Are You Tired Of Feeling Stressed?

Can You Imagine Getting Up In The Morning Feeling Peaceful And Happy, Rather Than Anxious And Worried?

Meditation has Been Proven to be the Most Effective Way 
to reduce stress, anxiety, chronic pain, anger, 
depression, high blood pressure, and so much more!

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The Meditation Blueprint Challenge

Will Teach You How To Meditate In An Easy, Fun And Accessible Way!

After completing the '30-Day Challenge', you will have a new life-changing meditation routine, new tools for calming down and de-stressing, and a mindset shift that makes life easier and more peaceful, and creates happiness and success in every aspect of your life.

(With accountability and support to help you along the way!)

This Challenge is for you if :

  • You've tried to meditate on your own and couldn't quiet your mind enough to feel calm and peaceful….and are wanting faster results
  • You want to become the best version of yourself in a way that aligns with who you are authentically
  • If you are ready for a TRANSFORMATIONAL YEAR.

THE MEDITATION BLUEPRINT is a new approach to bringing about positive change and happiness - a simple method to finally take action and get incredible results!


Discover How He Has Helped Thousands of People Find Happiness and Peace, Improving Their Relationship With Themselves And Others!

Having a Personal Coach in Your Corner Is the Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself.  

Ready to Take Your Life Back and Grow Beyond Your Wildest Dreams?

I'm Here To Support Your Transformation!

I'm Jason Blau, a Meditation Teacher, Transformation Coach, Motivational Speaker, and thought leader in the Meditation, Personal Development, and Wellness industries. I've owned a meditation studio, worked with several million dollar corporations, large school districts, and thousands of individuals of all ages.  

I've developed a unique strategy of learning to meditate and gaining clarity of mind that's easy for anyone to pick up and apply, with my clients enjoying recent successes like adding joy and happiness into their lives after just four weeks of practice.  

I have a passion for helping individuals bring about positive changes. I've worked tirelessly to develop a method that empowers people to create massive shifts in their life and get clear on their purpose and desires so they can begin to align with them more easily.  

The Meditation Blueprint 

is a step-by-step guide to beginning a life-changing daily meditation routine

Each day you'll receive an instructional video, guided meditation, worksheet and 
journal that will give you everything you need to know to create a personal 
meditation practice that fits into to your lifestyle.

The Challenge is divided up into 4 parts to help you get the most out of this course.

Week #01

Getting Set Up And Started

Week #02

Building Focus And Awareness

Week #03

Change Your Thoughts, Transform Your Life

Week #04

Types of Meditation And Practice

" If you continue to let your negative thoughts create fear and worry, what kind of life should you expect? The same you've always gotten. I'm going to teach you how to become present with your thoughts and how to think positively to create a better life for yourself today "

Do You Want To Learn How To Stay Present Rather Than
Get Stuck In The Unchangeable Past Or Uncertain Future??


 What This Online Course Will Teach You:

The Meditation Blueprint will teach you how to calm down, de-stress, and regulate your emotions.  
In just 30 days, you will learn how to create stillness and silence in your mind and body.  

You will become focused and clear about what you want in your life and begin to align 
your mindset with your goals - helping you to achieve them with ease.

The power you have to create the life you desire is directly related to how you think and 
what you believe.  Get ready to feel empowered and in control of your life.

Each module teaches you the fundamentals of meditation, actionable steps to apply the basic principles of meditation to shift your mindset, and has downloadable worksheets and journals that will help you dive deeper and support your journey inwards.

I’ll Teach You:

  • ​How to pause before responding or reacting to change your experiences. 
  • ​How to attract the things you desire most in your life.
  • How to free yourself from negative thought patterns and self-limiting beliefs.
  • ​How to self-reflect and learn more about yourself through my downloadable worksheets and journal offered only with this course.
  • How to connect with your authentic self and discover who you are.
  • ​How to speak gently to yourself and towards others.
  • ​How to create a massive shift in your life while becoming incredibly happy.

This course is designed to create the framework for a daily meditation routine, beginning with alignment and breath, mindset and self-reflection, and ending with types of meditation and practice. If you are interested in listening to a meditation to feel temporarily calm or relaxed, there are plenty of apps and other courses for you - but this is not one of them.

If, however, you want to create a real transformation in your life, based around long-lasting change and clarity of mind - resulting in a happy and peaceful life - The Meditation Blueprint was designed to walk you step-by-step into making that happen.

Today Can Be The Day That Marks The Start of Your Journey and Transformation.  

Are You Ready?

Here's What You'll Get When You Join Today!

Each day you will receive an email from me with an instructional video, 
guided meditation, worksheet pages and journal.



You need time to discover your passion and purpose, improve your wellbeing and your relationships, and begin living your best life. Sometimes it's hard to know if you are on the right track and if you are making progress. If you aren't able to get clear on your own about what it is that you want and how to get it, this Challenge will change that.


What's the essential aspect of meditation? In my experience, the most successful people meditate daily. It's all about consistency and focus. In just four weeks, I want to help you pause, slow down, and self-reflect to feel happier, improve your mental and physical health and get you feeling good about who you are and what you are offering this world.   

 Member's Area

You gain access to daily instructional videos and meditations that you can come back to any time you want. These videos cover my formula for helping you take back the control of your unfocused mind, how to set up your meditation routine, and how to combat your negative thoughts and monkey mind that are creating mental blocks. Plus, downloadable worksheets and journal will help support you every step of the way.

 Have Your Questions Answered

I've spent a ton of time and money learning the process of meditation and how to apply it to everyday life, studying with great teachers, and creating my formula for success. Now that I have it down pat, I want to share it with you in a way that is easy, fun, and digestible. You'll get answers to FAQs and common challenges most people face when they begin meditating.  

By The End Of This Online Course You Will Know:

  • ​How to confidently meditate on your own.
  • ​How to use your breath to calm down, de-stress and regulate your emotions.
  • How to sit with less emotional and physical pain.
  • ​How to become “the observer” to your thoughts and feelings.
  • How to focus your attention with ease and stay focused longer.
  • ​How to become less reactive and how to respond “reflectively” rather than “reflexively.”
  • ​How to clear blocks in your mind to allow the things you want to enter into your life.
  • ​How to let go and become unattached to expectations and desired outcomes.
  • ​How to create affirmations for a positive mindset.
  • ​What it means to set an intention and “plant seeds” in your mind.
  • ​How to cultivate gratitude to achieving everything you desire.

What That Means For You:

  • Create a positive mindset that helps you feel unblocked and aligned with your purpose!
  • Become confident with who you are and live your best life!
  • Learn how to trust your intuition, cultivate patience, and live in the moment!
  • ​Create healthy relationships and have a positive impact on others around you!

What Do You Get With The

30-Day Meditation Blueprint Challenge?

  • 30 Days of Coaching from Jason (Valued at $1897)
  • 28 Guided Meditations (Valued $397)
  • 30-Day Workbook And Journal (Valued at $397)
  • ​4 Breathing Exercises You Can Use To      De-Stress (Valued at $297)


  • Downloadable Audio Version Of The Course To Practice Off-Line and On-The-Go (Valued at $397)
  • Private Accountability Facebook Group (Valued at $297)

30 Days Of Coaching From Jason Blau ($1897)

Usually, the coaching services that I offer would take you months to complete. This course is comprehensive and is designed to give you all the essential aspects of mediation in a convenient online course that you can complete in just four weeks. Each day I will add in precisely what you need to know to build a strong foundation for your daily meditation practice. Not only will you learn to meditate but also how to apply the basic principles to your everyday life for maximum results.

28 Days Of Guided Meditations ($397)

Meditating on your own can be quite a challenge when just beginning. It's not always easy to quiet your mind and keep a single point of focus. The ego part of your mind will challenge you at times and resist the stillness and silence you are trying to create, which is why having guided meditations is extremely beneficial and useful. Each day you will learn a new tool or technique and then have the opportunity to practice it with my guidance. You can expect to feel relaxed and at ease after each meditation, and you can listen to them as often as you'd like.  

30-Days of Worksheets And Journal ($397)

Everything you are searching for is already within you! Meditation is all about self-reflection and self-exploration. The best way to go inwards is to write down your experiences before and after meditation. Each worksheet will coincide with the instructional video lesson and daily meditation. The workbook and journal are meant to help you go deeper, explore your thoughts and emotions, and support your overall transformation.  

4 Breathing Exercises ($297)

Breathing is not meditation, and meditation is not breathing. However, the breath has an incredible ability to slow down your heart rate, the nervous system in the body, and make you feel more calm and relaxed. Your breath occurs in the present moment too. Therefore, by focusing on it brings your mind back into the here and now. You will learn incredible breathing exercises that will help you regulate your emotions and help you build an astonishing focus while bringing balance to your mind and body.  

Private Accountability Facebook Group ($297)

One of the most significant aspects of meditation is the community. The "Sangha" is a group of like-minded people who want to hold space for one another to grow. You are not alone in this journey called life, and we are all experiencing things that challenge us or create emotional and physical pain. We're providing access to a private accountability Facebook group so you can ask questions (and have them answered), share your challenges and breakthroughs, and support others in a kind and compassionate way that is fulfilling and up-lifting
Total Value = $3682

Now Only = $397 (Limited Time = $198)

** ( That's less than $7 a day) **
If you want to get yourself feeling GREAT and on your way to living STRESS-FREE, then this is the CHALLENGE we're giving you...

You have 30 days, starting JANUARY. 27th, 2020



As an experienced Meditation Teacher and Transformation Coach, Jason Blau helps individuals feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or stuck, become clear on what they want, feel happier and peaceful and enhance every aspect of their life by teaching them how to meditate.
Jason's journey towards a happier and more peaceful lifestyle began seven years ago. He was juggling the demands of a young marriage, a newborn child, a graduate school program, and a high-pressure career. Jason's ability to manage the day-to-day was causing a lot of stress and anxiety. He was emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed, and knew there had to be a better way to live. 
Jason discovered meditation and began practicing daily. He used this transformative tool to stop his negative thought patterns, manage his emotions, and to become less reactive in stressful situations. As a result, he was able to slow down, be more intentional with his words and actions, and be less judgmental. Everything in his life began to change for the better!
Jason became passionate about the life-changing effects that meditation had. He decided to shift his career and become certified to teach meditation and yoga. He then opened the first guided meditation studio in the Philadelphia area, instructing over 3500 people to date. Jason has also attracted the attention of large corporations and school districts who work with him to help positively influence the culture of these organizations and shift the collective consciousness. 

Meditation Teacher and Transformation Coach 

Jason believes meditation is the foundation for transformation and success. His techniques have helped so many people learn to meditate on their own and create a daily routine that fits into their lifestyle, improves their wellbeing, and helps them to achieve their goals while feeling peaceful and happy inside.
The practice of meditation is simple in its design but often challenging in its execution. Jason believes getting started is often the hardest part - he is excited to show you how!
If you can breathe, you can meditate. If you can meditate, you can change your life!” - Jason Blau

See Jason Featured On...

Change Your Life Forever With A Stress Management Strategy That Teaches You How To Leverage The Power Of A Consistent Meditation Routine That Sparks Change And 
Helps You Live Happy And More Peaceful!

Frequently Asked Questions

about The Meditation Blueprint Challenge

What kind of people are best suited for This Challenge?  
Everyone can meditate! Many people think that meditation is about stopping your mind or clearing your thoughts. It is impossible and completely untrue. Meditation is about slowing down long enough to notice your thoughts and feelings without trying to respond to them or figure everything out. When one practices meditation, they learn to focus on the present moment rather than dwell on the unchangeable past or uncertain future. When we are present with each experience, we feel less stressed and more relaxed. This course is for anyone who wants to feel happier, peaceful and enhance their life in any way.
How is this different from other courses or learning meditation through an app?
The Meditation Blueprint is unlike any other course on the market today because it introduces this practice in a way that is easy, accessible, and fun. We've incorporated all the essential tools and techniques to help give you a real understanding of what is happening in your mind and body and how to make conscious changes that will shift your mindset and transform your life. Sure, there are plenty of apps, but they don't provide engaging live video, nor do they hold you accountable or give you support. This 30-Day Challenge is designed to meet you where you are in your practice and your life and to empower you with real tools for change. 
I'm religious/not religious, can I still do this Challenge?
Meditation is a spiritual practice that reveals to us that we are all interconnected beings on this earth to experience all that life has to offer, pain, and pleasure. Although meditation is deeply rooted in Buddhism and Hinduism, some form of it is within all great religions. This course is intended to be more about stress reduction, relaxation, and self-reflection with the goal of happiness and inner peace. Therefore, it does not matter your religious preference, background, or beliefs as it related to this course.  
What's precisely inside The Meditation Blueprint 30-Day Challenge?
We're talking all about how to tap into the pure potential within you. By the end of these four weeks, you'll master your mindset and feel more confident in who you are and what you are offering this world.
    - Learn to meditate on your own.
    - Conquer your monkey mind and building focus and awareness without such a fast emotional reaction or 
       response to things.  
    - Become clear and specific about the things that you want and make the impact you've always dreamed
       of making.  
    - Live with intention and purpose. How you think, speak, and act dictates your experiences. By changing 
       your thoughts, words, and actions, you can create different experiences for yourself.  
    - Techniques for calming down, de-stressing, and regulating your emotions. Learning to stay present in the 
       moment to let go of fear and worry. 

Can I access all of the content immediately?
The Challenge is designed to build a consistent daily meditation routine. The content will be available to you in the member's area once the Challenge begins, and a reminder will be sent to you by email each day. There you will have the video lesson, meditation, worksheet, and journal for the day at your fingertips. All you need to do is "pause," and press play!

You are not alone on your journey inwards. We're going to do this together. 

The New Year Year of 2020 is the time to follow your dreams and finally get the life you deserve.

Follow along step-by-step and put in the work… It's time to conquer your mindset once and for all!